Hand Tags

Hang Tag

Single sided

Soft touch finish


4X 2inches

Ghc160 for 100pcs

Ghc340 for 250pcs

Ghc550 for 500pcs


3 X 2 inches

Ghc86 for 100pcs

Ghc280 for 250pcs

Ghc500 for 500pcs


3 X 1.2inches

Ghc85 for 100pcs

Ghc200 for 250pcs

Ghc290 for 500pcs


Hand Tag

Double sided

Soft touch finish


4 X 2 inches

Ghc270 for 100pcs

Ghc 550  for  250pcs

Ghc 867  for 500pcs

3X 2 inches

Ghc250 for 100pcs

Ghc 400 for 250pcs

Ghc 650 for 500pcs


3X1.2 inches

Ghc135   for 100pcs

Ghc290  for 250pcs

Ghc450  for  500pcs


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